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About GTO

We are a group of Engineers with large experience, more than 20 years, in Civil Construction and Public Construction market, with exclusive know-how acquired in Production, Management and Administration regarding small, medium and large Real Estate Constrution Management.

We provide specialized Engineering Services to Private Customers, Companies or Public Entities, in the following areas:

TECHNICAL-ECONOMIC MANAGEMENT having as main objective to protect, guarantee and extend the investment in Real Estate developments, Projets and also Buying or Selling Properties.

We seek and promote:

cost optimization, execution time and quality;
more efficient and cost-effective alternative building implementation;
accuracy and detail in quantification and planning of all activities to be developed;
efficiency and commitment to supplies - Labor and Materials.

TECHNICAL AND LEGAL CONSULTING for all steps of the investment, mainly at:

evaluation and real estate management;
management and project design;
Engineering technical services and other formal diligences;
protect and extend all rights in Contracts regarding Work, Projects and either Real Estate Purchase or Sale;
ensure the defense of all legitimate interests and also their optimization.

Why choose GTO?

Construction execution or purchasing a Property involves considerable monetary values, in case of private customers, it can be as hard as a lifetime investment.

Thus, we understand that the whole process must be professionally accompanied, from the very beginning, duly studied, analyzed, based on a well-prepared and realistic construction management and also effective contract, avoiding delays, providing cost containment and previously dispel all problems.

Conquering and maintaining balance between cost and quality will avoid faults, it transforms construction execution on a very good deal!

In a competitive construction market it is imperative to be timely, to have qualified and experienced technical monitoring and to be very demanding in terms of final quality!

In this context, we consider the added value of choosing GTO lies in our installed capacity for analysis, allowing us to act in a timely and assertive manner, by identifying, solving and evaluating eventual situations regarding:

contractual distortions;
errors or project incompatibilities;
non-fulfillment of constructive processes regarding the project;
handicapped predicted applied techniques or to be applied in construction;
changes in circumstances, altered assumptions, modified designs, invoking legal legitimacy and requiring revision of all established conditions in the contract.

GTO objective is to allow clients to maintain their economic/finantial contract balance through an effective and efficient contract management.

At the same time, GTO will seek and promote actions that will add value to its customers, through:

alternative or equivalent solutions;
subcontracting and its negotiation;
elaboration of complaints;
contractual risks mitigation;
legal rights constitution;
alleging unpredictable facts that are legit and legally justifiable;
search and financial rescue of losses.

GTO team also advises Private Customers and Companies while contractors, alerting them to their responsibilities and promoting their interests defense.

Work assumptions and bases are absolutely the same, it simply inverts the Contracted to Contractor figure.


We can do it from the Builder's point of view!

Executing and Work Management reside in our DNA and are a part of our lives.

We have Technicians with more than 25 years of experience in Production and Execution of Public and Private Work, under Contract, Housing and Industrial Construction, Communication, Infrastructures and Urban Rehabilitation, conquering recognition and trust from dozens of Customers, for effort, quality, loyalty and commitment.

This vast and practical experience combined with the instinct to win and lead, has shaped our technical team, promoted a way of being and living in a constant, insistent and persistent search for solutions, providing an excellence service to Customers.

Human Resources

We are a specialized company composed filled with Competent Technicians, with highly recognized experience acquired for more than 25 years in large national Civil Construction and Public Construction companies.

For the Technical and Legal Consulting Service, associated or not to Contractual Management, we have Partnerships with recognized Specialist Lawyers in the Code of Public Contracts (CCP) in Lisbon, Porto and Coimbra.

For the Global Work / Project Management Service, we have Partnerships with Architects and Designers in Lisbon, Porto and Coimbra.

We can thus offer quality of services and solutions, sustained by high sensibility and perception in this specific Service areas.

Acting Areas

Urban Rehabilitation, Building Construction, Industrial Construction.

Housing, Water Supply Networks, Rainwater Drainage and Wastewater Drainage Networks, Gas Networks.

Electricity, ITED, HVAC, Renewable Energies, Centralized Technical Management (GTC), Automation.

Highways, Main Itineraries (IP's), Roads, Streets.

Management - Execution - Consultancy


- Urban Rehabilitation Work Management / Global Administration (includes physical work execution);
- Global Project Management / Administration (includes physical work execution);
- Technical and Economic Construction Management;
- Budget Execution, Review and Optimization;
- Planning Implementation, Review and Optimization;
- Project Elaboration;
- Contract Elaboration;
- Technical and Legal Monitoring;
- Subcontract Management;
- Supply Management.


- Processual Contest Execution and / or Review;
- Budget Execution and / or Revision for Public and Private Construction;
- Budget Management and Optimization;
- Reviews Implementation and / or Planning;
- Constructive Methods Adequacy,
- Alternative Solutions;
- Technical and Financial Supervision.


- Contract Management;
- Complaint Elaboration;
- Complaint Legal Framework;
- Nonconformities Management;
- Economic and Financial Balance.

Real Estate

Investor Relations;
Real Estate Asset Management;
Land and Buildings Evaluation;
Real Estate legitimacy and regulatory compliance Evaluation;
Property Conservation State Evaluation;
Cost Evaluation to Increase Property Value;
Property Conservation;
Property Promotion and real estate mediation.

Complementary Activities

Construction Solutions Consulting;
Internal Technical Consultancy to Construction;
Reorganization of Contracts;
National Market Prospection for Specialized Subcontractors;